Who am I?

To keep it short, my common WWW nickname is XWP1113, but for this website, I chose HTLJ1113. Actually, my name is Jeff Jenkins, and I live in Alexandria, VA. My current spare time is spent on graduating high school, my job, and Hercules and Xena. I am also currently a staff member at Whoosh! Music is a big factor in my life, and I wish to keep it that way. Any e-mail for me should be sent here.

My best guess is "Once a Hero", but I remember seeing TVGuide descriptions for as early as Hercules and the Amazon Women.

No doubt about it: "Greece is Burning".

Hercules (to Dahak-Iolaus): "Iolaus was a hero in his own right." --"Redemption"

HTLJ1113's Hercules Page