507/88. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge

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Writer... Gerry Conway
Editor... David Blewitt, A. C. E.
Director... Michael Hurst
Original Air Date... Nov. 9, 1998


Hercules... Kevin Sorbo
Thor... Ben Reed
Loki... Ian Hughes
Balder... Rupert Cocks
Odin... Peter McCauley
Frigga... Donogh Rees
Hilda... Denise Snoad
Eric... Wade Jackson
Norn... Yvonne Lawley
Little Girl... Emily Hartley-Skudder
Recovered Warrior... Thomas McIvor
Old Woman... Ann Baxter
Blacksmith... Nadim Ledogoroy
The Darkness... Stephen Papps
Little Boy... Jonathan Meirhead



No Frost Giants were thawed during the production of this motion picture.


The wrap-up of this two-parter series. Balder's death at Hercules' hand, Thor's defeat by Hercules, and Odin's blinding by Loki start Ragnarok; "Twilight of the gods," as Odin put it. Loki's plan has succeeded; the final nightfall looms over Norseland. Ragnarok was unique; it seems that Norseland was originally nothing but ice, and Ragnarok means that the ice has returned to reclaim what once belonged to it.

Hercules: Herc rescues Thor, who was chained up Prometheus-style, at the request of Thor's mother Frigga. It's a long road, as he finally makes peace with Thor, finds out why Loki was behind Balder's death, and tries to prevent Ragnarok. He fails, and the ice takes over Norseland, freezing Odin and Frigga in Asgard, and then learns about Norn paint. He almost kills Loki, uses the Norn paint to change the Norn Book of Fate, goes back in time, and prevents Balder's death. More or less, a carbon copy of "End of the Beginning", where Herc travels back in time because of the Cronostone, and saves Serena's life by giving up everything he ever had with her.

Thor: It seems he finally got a brain, as he calls a truce with Hercules, and saves the Viking in a burning hall just like Balder would have done. However, he falls prey to the same dart that killed Balder.

Loki: Would've gotten away with his plan if Hercules never found about the Norn paint and solved the Norn's riddle. His treachery shows no bounds, as he gives Odin the deadly mask and tells his father to put it on; it will answer the riddle about the third tragedy of Ragnarok, he implies. The answer indeed lies within the mask-- when it blinds Odin. After Hercules changes the past though, and exposes the fact that Loki tried to kill Balder, Loki runs away to fight another day, not his brother, Thor.

Odin: More than dejected, make it depressed. The only clue he has about the third tragedy of Ragnarok is a riddle, and the mask Loki has forged blinds him, which actually is the third tragedy. Very sentimental scene as he dies with the frozen Frigga in Asgard, moments after sending Hercules back to help Thor.

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