512/93. Sky High

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Writer... Paul Robert Coyle
Editor... David Blewitt, A. C. E.
Director... John Laing
Original Air Date... Jan. 25, 1999


Hercules... Kevin Sorbo
Ephiny... Danielle Cormack
Nagus... James Gaylyn
Kerth... Jonathon Roberts
Opakus... Clint Sharplin
Zek... Jonathan Bell-Booth
Linxus... Taungaroa Emile
Pretur... Paul Appleby
1st Gang Member... Darian Siley
Paradas... William Smith



Ephiny's leg was not hurt in the production of this motion picture. However, the writers sincerely apologize to Amazons everywhere for excluding her from the big finale.


And now, for his next labor, Hercules will stop a volcano! Funny, I never knew there were volcanoes in Greece. Anyway, Hercules finds a village threatened by a volcano, and being the hero the executive producers want him to be, he decides to tame it. How? With explosive crystals from Atlantis. This appears to be the main storyline, but I believe the real story lies in the conflict between Nagus and Kerth. And after Kerth dies and Nagus forgives him, Hercules tells Nagus he's learned the most important lesson of all, but doesn't say what it is. I guess that's for the viewer to figure out.

Hercules: The first episode after losing Iolaus for real this time, and Hercules is almost with it, almost. A bit of him is still mourning, and probably will be for quite some time. Hercules has two rough edges in this episode. The first with Ephiny, when she consoles him on the loss of Iolaus, he replies with a quick "Thanks" and moves on. The second with Opakus, who Hercules just punches in the head after Opakus attacks Nagus. I've never seen Herc do that before.

Ephiny: The Amazon Queen has a rough time in this episode. In last year's "The Bitter Suite", Xena breaks her arm in a fit of rage. Here, she injures her leg while crossing an old bridge. Otherwise, she has a decent episode. Hercules is glad to see her, except for the time she mentions Iolaus, which is an unhealed wound for Hercules. A lot of people question Ephiny's belief in kindness and equity, which they believe doesn't exist in an Amazon. In a statement true to life, she retaliates by saying that people aren't what they appear to be.

Nagus: A centaur on a mission. Namely, for the blood of Kerth to spill, who accidentally killed his son. His anger at Kerth rivals Hercules' anger towards Hera in "The Wrong Path" when she kills his family. On the side, Hercules plays the role of Aegina, a slave girl who made Hercules realize what honor was, and Hercules does the same for Nagus. Nagus' attitude changes completely after Kerth dies, and realizes that revenge is not as sweet a dish as he made it out to be. Line of the episode: Nagus: "I was a poor father, Hercules. I should've learned from my mistakes." Hercules: "Have you forgiven Kerth for his?" Nagus: "Yeah." Hercules: "Then you've learned the most important lesson of all."

Kerth: In the final minutes of Act IV, the episode revolves entirely around Kerth. Meanwhile, in the beginning, Kerth chooses to help Hercules tame the volcano instead of hang for the murder of Nagus' son, figuring he'd die either way. As the episode went on, Kerth began to question himself, who he was, and he eventually found it. When he tells Nagus he's sorry for killing Nagus' son, Nagus ignores it. After Kerth asks Nagus what he wants, Nagus angrily replies, "Go to Tartarus, where you belong." When Hercules and Nagus start arguing who should jump into the volcano with the crystals, Kerth sneaks off with them, almost determined to fulfill Nagus' earlier wish. In the end, Kerth jumps into an earthly Tartarus, giving up his life, but saving his soul.

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