505/86. Render Unto Caesar

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Writers... Gene O'Neill and Noreen Tobin
Editor... Steve Polivka, A. C. E.
Director... John Laing
Original Air Date... Oct. 26, 1998


Hercules... Kevin Sorbo
Morrigan... Tamara Gorski
Julius Caesar... Karl Urban
Mabon... Nicko Vella
Kernunnos... Stuart Devenie
Bronagh... Alistair Browning
Publicus... Grant Boucher
Hirtius... Willy De Wit
Angus... Norman Fairley
Connor... Liam Vincent
Naill... Alex Moffat
Libicus... Daniel Hennessey
Brigid... Benedicta Joseph
Centurion... Anthony Jones



No Scribes intent on writing the truth and nothing but the truth were harmed during the production of this motion picture.


Hercules: This episode made it crystal clear that Hercules was back on track (he said he was the Celts' Chosen One in "Resurrection"). Herc deals with Julius Caesar, helps Morrigan to accept her role to guard Justice, and all in all, has "A Good Day" (sorry, couldn't resist it). Loved it when Herc turned the hull of Caesar's boat into Swiss cheese; almost an ancient Roman Titanic disaster.

Morrigan: Credit to Tamara Gorski on her portrayal of Morrigan; definite withdrawl problems, but Morrigan manages to overcome it and kill Kernunnos when he proves that their daughter Brigid was a thing to him, nothing more. During the episode, she sort of replaced Iolaus by Herc's side; furthermore, it became a bit apparent that Morrigan was interested in Hercules. On the other side of the coin, Hercules later misses his family when he spends time with Morrigan and Brigid.

Caesar, Julius Caesar: Not as much as I expected from him; he just sat around the boat and watched his trained centurions and legions of soldiers get beaten up by an army of untrained Celts. Thinking about it, a message to Caesar: your men need a bit of a brush-up if they are defeated by villagers. Also, Julius Caesar's logic and/or wisdom seemed to take a holiday here. He seemed to be thinking with vanity in his head and pride in his heart. If you don't believe me, than why did Caesar destroy the paper that Hirtius the scribe had written their journey to Eire on? Tell me that.

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