506/87. Norse by Norsevest

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Teleplay... Gerry Conway
Story... Paul Robert Coyle
Editor... Steve Polivka, A. C. E.
Director... John Laing
Original Air Date... Nov. 2, 1998


Hercules... Kevin Sorbo
Thor... Ben Reed
Morrigan... Tamara Gorski
Loki... Ian Hughes
Balder... Rupert Cocks
Odin... Peter McCauley
Frigga... Donogh Rees
Hilda... Denise Snoad
Eric... Wade Jackson
Norn... Yvonne Lawley
Little Girl... Emily Hartley-Skudder
Dying Man... Thomas McIver
Old Woman... Ann Baxter
Thief... Andrew Glover
Healer... Bill Thomas
The Darkness... Stephen Papps
Mabon... Nicko Vella
Brigid... Benedicta Joseph



No ram, stag or any other horned species was sacrificed for Thor's helmet during the production of this motion picture.

We Swear it.


Interesting episode indeed. Up in Norseland, even gods can die (and not because of a dagger with the blood of the Golden Hind on it), and life is how Darwin put it: survival of the fittest. For Hercules, he finally meets a benevolent mortal god, Balder, and Herc only came because of a vision in which Balder said, "Help me, Hercules!" "Norse by Norsevest" reinforces Herc's role as hero, as he deals with a traditional conspiracy plot with the traditional back-stabbing son of Odin, Loki.

Hercules: Herc's back in the saddle as he journeys off to Norseland to save Balder. However, his coming fulfills two of three tragedies to befall the Norse gods before Ragnarok: Balder's death, and Thor's defeat in a fight. Hercules was impressed by Balder, and more than agreed with Balder's goal to change the Vikings from a war-like people to a peaceful civilization. Zeus might have cared about humankind, but did nothing to stop Hera and the other gods from hurting them.

Balder: Rupert Cocks has a splendid brief moment here. As I mentioned earlier, Hercules meets the first god who actually helps people. Balder's confidence and open trust in Odin's decree that nothing should harm him was his undoing; it seems that no godly oath can break the power of the Darkness.

Thor: Anyone have the record for "Wild Thing?" The description fits Thor very well, as he only wants revenge on Hercules for interrupting Hilda's trial-by-ax and killing Balder with a dart poisoned by the Darkness. It seems that Thor has a bulging muscle in his head where his brain should be, and his anger towards Hercules leads to his defeat, the second tragedy of Ragnarok.

Loki: As I said, Loki is to Odin what Ares was to Zeus in "Reunions". In other words, he wants to kill his old man. Loki wants Asgard so badly, that he would help the Darkness destroy Norseland just to have it. In this family though, Balder shows mercy, Thor shows strength, and Loki shows intelligence, cunning, and treachery.

Odin: Brief screen time, but he laments what has happened to his family. He tells Hercules he knows that Loki was behind Balder's death, and that he also knows his son is consulting with the Darkness to overthrow him. Odin also banishes Thor from Asgard for breaking his order that no one should fight Hercules. After Odin rids himself of Thor, he seems dejected and beaten; he tells Hercules that Ragnarok is inevitable. With that, the screen reads "TO BE CONTINUED..."

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