504/85. Genies and Grecians and Geeks, Oh My

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Writers... Gene O'Neill and Noreen Tobin
Editor... David Blewitt, A. C. E.
Director... Bruce Campbell
Original Air Date... Oct. 19, 1998


Salmoneus/Macho Salmoneus/Crybaby Salmoneus... Robert Trebor
Jinni... Hilary McMillan
Autolycus... Bruce Campbell
Sultan... John Givins
Falafel... Paul Norell
Head Guard... Ima Maxwell
Nazar... Mike Bajko
Shepherd... Gary Elliott
Blonde #1... Nicola Vuleta
Cryer... Andrew Glover
Salmoneus Double... David Stott



No cool blue bongs that resemble Aladdin's lamp were harmed during the production of this motion picture.


I don't know what to say. They interrupt the two-episode arc, "Resurrection" and "Render Unto Caesar", and placed a comedy. TPTB wanted Caesar during sweeps week along with Xena's "A Good Day", I know. The only good thing: neither Hercules or Iolaus showed up. If they did, the storyline would be muddled pretty badly. Okay for a comedy, though.

Autolycus: Bruce Campbell shines as a "D*mn it all!" kind of thief when he discovers he isn't just invisible, he's intangible as well. Autolycus enjoyed it though, since he could walk through walls and make fun of Sultan and Sultan's guard alike. His quick thinking saved all the trapped men in the Genie's lamp.

Salmoneus: Robert Trebor has a field day as his child-like and macho Salmoneus wreak havoc with the normal Salmoneus, the Sultan, and Autolycus, not to mention a few disgruntled blondes.

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