502/83. Descent

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Writer... Lisa Klink
Editor... Steve Polivka, A. C. E.
Director... Richard Compton
Original Air Date... Oct. 5, 1998


Hercules... Kevin Sorbo
Iolaus... Michael Hurst
Nebula/Zombie-Nebula... Gina Torres
Dumuzi... Antonio Te Majoh
Old Woman... Wanjiku Kiarie
Priest... Ronald La Pread
Agenor... Tony Hopkins
Danaeus/Zombie-Danaeus... Paul Glover
Crewmember... Grae Burton


No Zombies were chomping at the bit during the production of this motion picture.


"Faith", "Descent", and "Resurrection" may have been a three story arc, but in this case, it was like A, B, and C, but B isn't really necessary. Only two things needed to be known: that Hercules at first denied Iolaus' death, and then blamed himself for it. Knowing Herc killed Dumuzi to free the souls Dumuzi had captured added another labor to Hercules' legend, but it didn't advance the storyline ahead. The end scenes led into "Resurrection".

Hercules: Notice the pain he's in when Dumuzi tells him his search for Iolaus was in vain. This statement destroyed what was left of Hercules' self-confidence; it also led to Dumuzi's demise, too.

Nebula: Radical change from a good Sumerian Queen to a soulless evil zombie. She tries to destroy Herc, but Hercules gets the best of her, of course.

About the zombies: I think Robert Tapert and Sam Raimi have been looking at their The Evil Dead Trilogy and borrowing some stuff off it just lately.

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