515/96. Greece is Burning

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Writers... Andrew Landis and Julia Swift
Editor... Steve Polivka, A. C. E.
Director... Michael Hurst
Original Air Date... Feb. 15, 1999


Hercules... Kevin Sorbo
Widow Twanky... Edith Sidebottom [Michael Hurst]
Althea... Willa O'Neill
Count Von Verminhaven... Stuart Devenie
Oena... Jay Saussey
Titus... Brett Stewart
Head of Fashion Police... Geoff Dolan
Emcee... Simon Gomez
Booty Man... Terry Batchelor
Factory Worker... Andrea Kelland
Waifish "Aphrodite"... Phoebe Falconer
Drunk Slob... Peter Mason
Begger... Billy Wagstaff



Due to incredibly bad taste and a despicable dress code, the Fashion Police were locked up indefinitely, immediately upon completion of filming this motion picture.


The follow-up to last year's "...And Fancy Free". Last year the Hercules staff tackled dancing. Now they decide to satire fasion, but this episode is a disappointing sequel. Once again, Althea's in a jam, Oena's persecuting her, Count Von Verminhaven looks, sounds exactly , and even acts like Asteruis (who was magistrate of Rhumba in ..."And Fancy Free"), and worst of all, the Widow Twanky is nowhere near her former character for half of the episode. The only innovative thing in this episode was using the guy playing the B. C. pipe organ to attack Verminhaven's guards using the pipes as clubs. All in all, this is the worst comedy of the season. The comedy ratings so far are:

And where'd they get the episode title anyway? It has nothing to do with the episode (except Althea's living quarters being burned down). All in all, the weakest episode yet this season.

Hercules: Nice performance despite the episode overall. He comes to Trendopolis (Referred to as "the big city" by Althea and Oena. The name was never mentioned.) to check up on Althea because her father is worried about her. He runs into Oena and Verminhaven, and of course defeats them both. I just hope that if Hercules finds Althea again, something new will happen.

Althea: Willa O'Neill reprises her character from "...And Fancy Free", but this time around, I didn't really "fancy" it at all. Too been there, done that. Althea keeps trying to find a niche in the world when she doesn't realize she already has one. I mean, how many people can call Hercules a friend and a dance partner? I'd advise Althea to stay with dancing; it's the best thing she does. I'm only so-so in the fashion department, but I grimaced at Althea's fashions.

Count Von Verminhaven: The most static character of all, portrayed by Stuart Devenie, who's also pretty static himself. The first time I heard Verminhaven speak, I thought, "Isn't that Kernunnos?" ("Resurrection", "Render Unto Caesar"). His Fashion Police is a joke, as well as Verminhaven himself is with his fashion code. To TPTB: if you decide to reunite Hercules, Althea, and the Widow Twanky again, please discard this character from the lineup, as well as Oena to be safe.

Oena: Persecuting Althea again?! Has the girl no brains that Hercules would show up when she does these things? At least the character is a little better than Verminhaven. Kevin (Ares) Smith's description of the villain having the emotional memory of a goldfish sticks right onto Oena. And the "I'm not your enemy but actually your friend" bit Oena pulled on Althea is nothing new this season. Loki did the same to Hercules in "Norse by Norsevest".

Widow Twanky: The Widow Twanky is depressed after Verminhaven gives her a bad review? Very bad excuse, although the writers are probably to blame for this lame excuse of an episode. The impression of Twanky I received in "...And Fancy Free" is that nothing got her down. She got back in good spirits (due to Hercules' Helpful Hints), helps put on a fashion show, and overcomes her fear of Verminhaven. I expected more of her than this, to be honest.

I insert no "Line of the episode" award because this episode didn't deserve it.

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